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Residential Services

Atlantis Pool Service and Repair offers various maintenance packages tailored to your specific needs.

Residential - If you own a swimming pool the three most important things to you are:
  1. Safety of family and friends
  2. Protecting your investment
  3. Enjoyment
Our number 1 priority when it comes to maintaining your pool is ensuring the safety of those using the pool. Improper water sanitation can make swimmers ill and even cause death! We are water chemistry certified by the L.A. County Health Dept. and  know what your pool needs to ensure a healthy swimming environment. Leave it to the experts, don't guess when it comes to the safety of your family and friends. There is a growing number of  safety devices available for around the pool and anti-entrapment devices available.

Weekly Maintenance - APS will perform a full service treatment for your pool and spa each week. This service includes:
  • Skim surface of debris
  • brush/clean tile at waterline
  • empty pump and skimmer baskets
  • vacuum pool and spa when necessary
  • vacuum or brush pool walls when necessary
  • test and analyze water chemistry
  • add necessary chemicals to maintain proper water balance
  • backwash filter when needed
Extra charge for chlorine tablets, salt, conditioner and algaecide when needed.

Filter Cleanings - If you take care of your own pool but would rather not clean your own filter or take the risks involved with cleaning a filter we'll do it for you. We give existing weekly clients on service a $10.00 discount on filter cleanings. 

Chemical Service - Okay, so your very good at cleaning your pool and enjoy working on your days off, in fact, it doesn't even seem like work to you - it's relaxing. Chances are your going into the pool store weekly or monthly spending way more than you need to on clarifiers, algaecides, stain removers, etc. Stop spending more time, effort and money than you need to, we'll take care of the chemicals so you can just kick back and relax cleaning your pool.

Glass Bead Tile Cleaning  
Equipment Replacement and Repair
Salt Water Systems

Save Energy and Money!

We can replace your loud energy guzzling motor with a new variable speed energy efficient pump. They run much quieter and can save you hundreds of dollars off of your annual energy bill while helping the environment. SCE is currently offering a $200 rebate for upgrading to a 2 speed pump. Click on the link to learn more -